Episode 5: Race and Identity in Japan
December 23, 2018

Episode 5: Race and Identity in Japan

Naomi Osaka’s victory over Serena William has brought the discussion of who is Japanese into the spotlight. In this video, race and identity in Japan are discussed. As presented by Frederick Kakinami Cloyd, "Black Tokyo offers thoughts on the importance of Black-Japaneseness (Naomi Osaka, Arianna Miyamoto, and Jero) being in the Japanese (and global) public eye in the present, where issues of race, gender, and nationalism are important to think into for nations to create a more positive co-existence for diverse citizens in a transnational world." This video is the second of a three part interview of Eric Robinson, Creative Director of Black Tokyo Media conducted by the Japanese Entertainment Magazine Eye-Ai(あいあい).

For additional information: Dream of the Water Children: The Black Pacific: https://dreamwaterchildren.net/catego...

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